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Captain Corder took me and my in-laws out for both their birthday. We went out for a morning fishing trip in the bay. Getting out on the water when it was still dark outside paid off with some great views of the sunrise and some great fishing spots. Seconds after he showed my mother in-law how to work the line she had her fist catch. It was a great day on the water and I will be totally taking another trip down to do more fishing. After it was all done my mother in-law said best birthday ever. Thanks Anthony
— Andrew Brittain
I have been fishing the Galveston Bay System for 30 over years. When my son who now lives out of state told me he wanted to go fishing, along with his future father-in-law , I wanted to make sure they both had a good trip. I know fishing around Galveston here in the spring is always dicey with the weather so I decided to go with a professional. It was a great decision.

Your boat was comfortable and had plenty of room for all 3 of us. The fishing rods, reels and tackle are first class and the best I have ever seen a guide provide for customers. Most of all, thank you for the pre-fishing, I know you did it to find where the fish were, and were not, prior to our trip.

Thank you for helping us make some great memories. I am hoping when both families get back together after the wedding this summer we can book another trip with you.

Warm regards,
— Dwayne Lum Pearland, Tx.



We are a down to earth team of highly experienced guides that put you on the fish.  Born and raised Texas Natives we've been fishing these waters all our life.  Whether wade- fishing, trolling, artificial, live bait or chasing founder with a gig. We get fish.  Our goal is to connect you with the right guide for the experience of a lifetime.  We look forward to meeting you at Hook South.