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Specializing in Drift fishing and Wade fishing


Captain Anthony Corder has never met a stranger, he learned this from the Corder family. Growing up he had the fairly unique opportunity to travel with his larger-than-life father who was the Nations number one-shot gun shooter, four years straight, Doyle Corder.  Anthony was by his father's side hunting and fishing wherever the tournaments would take them. In his teens, he discovered not only the love of fishing but his love of live music and he picked up his first guitar. He quickly learned this was something to pursue and traveled on a tour bus, across the US during his 20’s. He played in country bands and funky soul bands and everything in between.  Music is running through his veins.  After his time on the road, he decided to settle down in Dallas Texas, moving off front stage to behind the stage and running the mixing board.  He has gotten the honor of running sound for music legends from Merle Haggard to Charlie Pride.  He's been a sound engineer for the last 20 years and in his free time, he would fish whatever waters he was near. 

In his 30’s he became very involved in church and dedicated his life to Christ. He then met the love of his life in a church service and made her his wife a year later. In 2015 he and wife Cynthia moved to Houston, Texas where he partnered with a longtime friend to help run a full production sound company as well as to launch an aggressive start-up communication company called Wahoo VoIP.  In 2016 he had a scary wakeup call. His doctors told him something had to change. They said he was a ticking time bomb.  The daily grind of running two companies was stressful, and his blood pressure was through the roof.  Fishing was his stress relief but he rarely had time to do it. Remembering the peace and calmness of when he was younger, with his dad on his boat fishing, he knew the change that had to take place….he needed to get to the bay….So he did.

Captain Corder and his wife downsized, sold nearly everything and went “tiny”.  Currently, they live as happy campers in their 400 square foot 5th wheel on Tiki Island (dubbed the mini-mansion by Cynthia).  And you guessed it, right on the waters of Galveston Bay! After the big move, he knew another change had to happen so, in 2017 he sold his communication company, which was the main stressor of his life.  This bold move allowed him to follow his passion for professional fishing but also continue in his love of music… and Hook South was born.

Hook South is a dynamic collaboration to connect the music scene with the fishing scene. Artists with Captains. Captain Corder sees this as a great need because often entertainers are stressed much like he was, and he can relate.  Hook South offers an outlet for these artists to have fun, chill out through fishing and cut up and have a good time.  If you've ever met Anthony in person or have caught one of his Facebook LIVE videos, you know he has a sense of humor and loves to make people laugh. 

Hook South is not limited to musicians.  Too often, every one of us can feel the stress of life closing in.  Too much going, all the time.  There's just something relaxing about the salt water.  It feeds the soul.  When people get out on the water they want to make the most of their time and make it special and catch fish!  We help you do that.
Now he is a full-time Captain, having the time of his life.  Anthony’s love of music rocks on and although he doesn't travel on the tour bus anymore, when the bands come through town you will see Captain Corder there behind his mixing board making everyone sound their best.  In between sets, you will see him backstage cutting up and sharing the latest catch his boat has landed, and sharing one of those awesome videos he creates from every trip.  Then in the morning, he will be on the water, doing what he does best. Fishing. 

If you like what you read, we would love an opportunity to meet you and offer you our charter services. When you are on our boats, you will catch fish, and have the time of your life doing it!  We enjoy what we do and it shows. Captain Corder's music career has taken him to interesting places, and he is always willing to share a story or two about his crazy travels.  He has completed his Masters 100-ton Captains license with the US Coast Guard, so you can be sure you and your family are safe on his boat.  If your interested in catching your limit, but also learning what bait to use, and how to use it, we will be glad to share what we know. You will get a chance to fill the box with your fish, and we will throw ours in too if you want. If you are looking for an experience for you, your friends and your family, click the booking button and get on our calendar. We have expertise in artificial, and live bait specializing in redfish and speckled trout, or the exciting adventure of chasing down flounder, after dark in the "Stickin Chicken" (or do both!). 

Our Hook South team of guides book trips year round.  We have a full-service operation.  Captain Corder's wife Cynthia helps run a locally owned Galveston favorite, Victory Vacations (  She will get you booked for a beach home or condo that will fit the needs of your group. We are here to serve and will handle everything.  Just book and we will give you world-class treatment. 

The captain is a videographer and will create an action-packed video for memories to last a lifetime.  No need for fish stories when you have the actual footage of pulling those beautiful fish out of the water!  Follow our social media to see some recent catch.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read our stories.  We look forward to serving you.
Who knows, when you book your trip maybe you will see one of your favorite entertainers on board! 

God Bless you!
The Corder Family